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Emergent Gardens 2022 - Winner

"MOVING FORCES - The Great Pollinators"


Carlton Gardens

Victoria, Australia



With the given theme of 'Pollinators & Pollination', this garden examined the relationship between stillness and movement.

This concept can be used to consider the moving forces that are necessary for pollination.

Read the full design brief  and find 'Materials & Products' below


Chin Liew Studio

design brief

Certain relationships in nature consist of both stationary forces and moving forces.

This concept can be used to consider pollination.

Pollinators such as wind, water, insects, birds and animals are moving forces which transport pollen to plants.

Plants, while being a stationary force with their roots firmly in the ground, can sometimes also serve as a moving force as their stems, stalks or leaves move towards each other with the wind.

Without this relationship, the combination of moving forces and stationary forces, pollination would not occur.


This garden examines the concept of movement and stillness, and the importance of how plants can attract moving forces (pollinators).
Bees, butterflies, moths, insects, birds, bats, flying foxes, reptiles – just to name a few. Can you see your favourite pollinator in the garden?


As you move around the garden, how do the poles frame your view or impact your observation or perception? Light and shadows are moving and changing through the day and through the seasons. Which elements are moving and which are stationary? Is it the same experience if you were stationary within the garden and moving only your gaze around?

How is the garden experienced by the moving forces, the great pollinators, passing through still and moving spaces?


Bluestone 'Harkaway' Pavers - Stone & Slate Discounts

Gentong - Water Features Direct

'Daintree' Outdoor Screens - Outdeco

Timbre Plus Vertical transparent stains in 'Ebony', 'Lava' & 'Forest Green' - Quantum Timber Finishes

C317 Outdoor Chair, Aperto Ali Side Table & Dinesh Portable Floor Lamp - DWELL Kensington

HAVIT Tivah Black Garden Spike Light – Malvern Irrigation

Path Light Dome 110 Black – Gardens at Night

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